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The Body-Mind Connection
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The Body-Mind Connection

by Anne Pelini, CER, CET


Our lives are filled with so many activities, tasks, and responsibilities. How we prioritize our activities determine what results we live with. A top priority should be to take care of yourself first. Are you taking care of yourself in Body, Mind, and Spirit? There is a strong ‘Body-Mindconnection. We know if we don’t feel good physically we have aches, pain, fatigue, illness. If we don’t feel good emotionally and experience sadness, anxiety, depression, irritability, then our quality of life is diminished. We cannot live life fully doing the activities we enjoy.

Many of our illnesses are ‘self-induced.’ We think our body and mind are maintenance-free and will just carry on unattended, but not so. Your health and future, in large measure, is determined by your own lifestyle choices.

Why do some people get sick and do so repeatedly? Why do some people stay well and flourish as they age? In America, there is a lack of ‘mindfulness.’ We’re not aware, not mindful that our lives may be filled with stress. As a result, we do not ‘moderate our senses’. This is Brahmacharya – Moderation of the Senses, the right use of energy, our mode of behavior. When we lose control and lack self-discipline, then we eat it, smoke it, snort it, drink it, or spend it. We are engaging in ‘excesses.’ We are out of balance in Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Some questions to reflect upon:

  1. How can I become more mindful in my thoughts and activities?
  2. Am I eating foods that are nutritious? Do I really know what nutritious foods are? Am I aware of the quantity of food I eat?
  3. What is a waste of time and energy in my life that is not contributing to my goals and my well-being?
  4. Am I living a balanced life? What does that mean?
  5. Are these in balance?

    ✓ Social

    ✓ Spiritual

    ✓ Emotional

    ✓ Intellectual

    ✓ Physical

    ✓ Financial

  6. Am I being honest with myself? What story or excuses do I use?
  7. What is your perception vs. your reality?


Anne Pelini, AAERT CER, CET
Certified Health and Wellness Coach
Registered Yoga Teacher – RYT-200


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