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Shortcuts Corner-0115
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Shortcuts Corner - January 2015

What did you eat today? Did you consider what you were consuming? Do you think about the food or drink contents and their impact on your body? Are they an add on or need to be omitted? What kind of nutrients do you really need on a daily basis?

This concept can be applied to your abbreviation expansion system. Are your macros relevant to your working world? Do you have irrelevant entries sitting in your dictionary file? Perhaps you are thinking that you will go back and edit them later. Take charge of your daily shortcuts. If you no longer need them, there is a simple process to rid your file of the extra KB (kilobytes).

Steps for Deletion:
1. Click on entry to highlight.
2. Click on Delete button.
3. "Are you sure you want to Delete?"
4. Click Yes and it's gone forever.

When creating macros or Keywords, consider their relevance to the text world you work in. How can I keep my Keywords short thereby saving keystrokes? Create your own naming system. Does my Keyword make sense? You can utilize the first letter for your recognizable Keyword:

cds = cul de sac

or first syllables of the first 2 words:

autobeh = automatic behavior

or combinations of the first 2 words of a phrase without a space:

Shallwe = Shall we all rise.

What is my methodology in creating Keywords? It takes 21 consecutive days to generate a new habit. Hang in there and utilize your Keywords every time the need arises. In a short amount of time you will be surprised how efficient you become. Until the next Shortcuts Corner, stay well and think about what you put into your abbreviation expansion system.

Betsy Ertel, CEO SpeedType™ 




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