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Shortcuts Corner-0714
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Shortcuts Corner - July 2014

How do you know which shortcut you need before you type it with an expansion? In other words, if you have named a Keyword rec = recommend, could that rec also expand to recommends or recommended or recommendation? See the chart below to build off a chosen root word. The 'rec' is the root word for the English word of 'recommend.'


rec = recommend
recs = recommends
recd = recommended
recg = recommending
recn = recommendation


If you learn to create root words you can build many entries including all their past, present, and future tenses utilizing the same root word.
How do you know which shortcut you want before you type it with an expansion? SpeedType™ reveals each Keyword typed inside its small unique Hint window right at your cursor point telling you which Keyword you are requesting before it is expanded. This alleviates bloopers or unnecessary backspacing errors to correct something mistyped. Auto Correct in Microsoft Word or Quick Correct in Word Perfect are blind expanders with no indicators of the Keyword before it is populated. We have much more advanced technology available to us today if we will invest in it to become more proficient in our computer driven society. Technology wisely used can save you time, money, and many keystrokes!


This Shortcuts Corner will enlighten you on some keystroke-saving techniques.  Stay tuned for what's next around the Shortcuts Corner!

Betsy Ertel, CEO SpeedType™ 




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