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The Court Reporter Summer 2008
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For Professionals in Electronic / Digital Court Technology

Volume 13, Number 3 — Summer 2008 . . .






      15th Annual Conference

              Recap / Highlights

AAERT's 2008 Conference was held in beautiful (but hot in June!) San Antonio, at the El Tropicano Riverwalk.  From the moment we stepped into the lobby, we were greeted "Texas-style" — and in a big way.  Texas members of the Conference Committee were there to give us AAERT briefcases stuffed with goodies.  Then we were off to either take in some sights, catch up with old friends, make new ones, or just rest before Sunday evening's Welcome Reception.

Left to right, "The Welcoming Texans":
Mark Stoddard, Mary Henry, Laurel Stoddard, Joe Schafer.

Monday began with a continental breakfast, followed by an address by Texas judge and long-term friend of E-Reporting, John Delaney.  He not only welcomed us to San Antonio, but described how he became aware of E-Reporting when first elected to the Texas judiciary.

Breakout sessions followed, so transcribers could choose between a Word or a WordPerfect practicum.  Karon Etienne of Washington, D.C., led the Word-users group, and our own Randel Raison of Houston conducted the WordPerfect session.  Both provided valuable hands-on training.

You don't realize how hungry you get using all those brain cells!  So, on to a Lunch-and-Learn hosted by FTR, Ltd.  Craig Casey explained and demonstrated FTR's newest product, FTR GoldTM 5.1, while we enjoyed a buffet luncheon.

Craig Casey of FTR, Ltd.

Oh, but no rest for the weary! On to Jonathan Leibensperger and his PowerPoint presentation, "Financial Strategies."  Jonathan explained how to identify and achieve financial goals by developing and implementing specific, yet flexible financial planning.

Jonathan was immediately followed by AAERT member Anne Pelini, who explored "Practical Financial Advice:  Increase Your Financial Literacy and Net Worth."  Anne gave us great tips on how to save money, not just by putting X dollars into a savings account, but by making wise decisions about what and when to make purchases, such as a used car instead of a brand new one.  She also helped us understand the importance of being aware of your current financial status.

What would an AAERT conference be like without Neil Griffin of Australia and Andrew Brown of Hong Kong, speaking to us about "E-Reporting Around the World"?  What an interesting pair!  AAERT is very fortunate that they could take time to come to our Conference to discuss the state of E-Reporting in different parts of the world.  They actually had to leave early to fly on to London for business.

Left to right:
Andrew Brown,
Gail Malm Armstrong, CERT
, and
Neil Griffin.

Speaking of flying, right after Neil and Andrew spoke, we really settled in for some serious business of our own.  AAERT held its Annual Association Meeting and board election.  At the same time, updates were given by various committee chairs.

Click here to view our 2008 - 2009 Board of Directors and officers.

On Monday evening, conference attendees were treated to a lovely reception hosted by Veri-CoreBill Taylor and Lisa Dees demonstrated their latest release, the Veri-Scribe II Digital Recording Suite.  Guests at the reception were given a free version of this new system to try it out for themselves.

Bill Taylor and Lisa Dees of Veri-Core.

To conclude the first full day of Conference activities, all were invited to the Hospitality Suite hosted by AAERT's Board of Directors, where we had a chance to socialize and network with old and new-found friends — a relaxing way to end a full and busy day.

Tuesday morning came all too quickly!  To the continental breakfast we go for a much-needed cup (or two) of coffee.  The first session of the day was a three-member panel — Laurel Stoddard, Kim McCright, and Bill Wagner — entitled "Problems and Issues in Transcription."  They led a relaxed, yet animated discussion with the audience to outline various awkward situations we encounter while transcribing.  Alternative solutions were found for many of these dilemmas.  This type of session never grows old — something new and unfamiliar is always popping up.

"Practical Ergonomics and You" — sound a little boring?  If you were not with us, you should have been.  Petti Redding, a practicing occupational therapist, had us doing exercises in our chairs, to show us how we should be sitting, why we should be sitting that way — and she also showed samples of very inexpensive ways to improve our physical well-being.  She had us laughing at ourselves while we tried to do some of the things she was demonstrating, but that's only because we've been doing things so wrong for so long!  Thank you, Petti, for trying to straighten us out — quite literally.

Steve Jansen of Gregory K. Smith and Associates.

Steve Jansen and Greg Smith presented an informative session on "Liabilities and Insurances."  Their brokerage is a full-service firm which provides a variety of insurance policies, investment plans, and tax and financial planning services.

NOTE:  AAERT has approved a new membership benefit, with Steve as adviser, so we can obtain affordable disability / professional liability insuranceClick here for further information.

The last, but certainly not the least, educational session of the conference was "Internet Safety Issues:  Driving Defensively on the Information Superhighway," presented by Richard Ballard.  Like many of us, Richard is a parent, so came to learn quickly how unsafe the internet can be.  He shared a number of cases with us — nightmares, actually — and explained how parents can avoid them.  Of particular value were tips on which e-mail programs to use, what information to never place on the internet, plus suggestions on which spyware to choose, and even how to "wash" our e-mail.  Although this was the final Conference session, Richard held our attention throughout.

The agenda concluded with Tuesday evening's traditional banquet and awards presentation.  As we entered the hall, we couldn't help noticing how beautifully decorated it was.  We sat down to a delicious meal surrounded by people who know from experience that audio-capture of the spoken word can produce unequaled verbatim records.  I can only describe it as a "warm feeling."

Judge John Delaney.

Judge Delaney spoke after dinner and encouraged us to stay the course, as one might say.  He commended our professionalism in the face of continued opposition so often encountered from some quarters of our industry.  Sticking to the truth, calmly pointing out both the pros and cons inherent in all the reporting alternatives, places us squarely on the high ground.

Thank you, judge — it's always refreshing and invigorating to receive positive feedback.

  AAERT's 2008 Awards

Left to right:
Laurel Stoddard, CET, Transcriber of the Year;
AAERT President Margaret Ann Morgan, CERT;
Neal Gross, CER, Reporter of the Year.

AAERT's 2008 achievement awards were presented at the banquet.  Congratulations to both recipients!

Our Reporter of the Year is Neal Gross, CER.  Neal has been a long-time member of AAERT and has done a lot of behind-the-scenes work for the Association.

Our Transcriber of the Year is Laurel Stoddard, CET.  One of Laurel's valuable talents lies in words, and she is a true master of the English language.

And thus ended AAERT's 15th Annual Conference.
So, until next June in Indianapolis  .  .  .

Sherry Simmons, CER
        AAERT Executive Director



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President's Message
I feel like the new proud owner (or renter) of an old house. This house was built with the energy and determination of incredibly bright and committed individuals. Thanks to their efforts, it is a house with a firm foundation. Walls were erected where needed and it was expertly constructed.

Over the years some talented individuals lived in the house. Individuals, like Steve Townsend, [the late] Sunny Peer, Janet Harris, Mary Ann Lutz, Gillian Lawrence, Connie Rill, Jim Bowen — to name a few. These individuals added on to the house and made many improvements.

The house I am speaking of is the house of AAERT. I am humbled and honored to be a resident in this house. I hope to add to or enhance the structure. I have some lofty goals. With the help of a competent Board of Directors and amazing membership, I hope to see some of those goals become reality.

I sincerely appreciate being given the opportunity to work for you and represent you as president of AAERT. The AAERT board is motivated to do some "house" work this year.

The next couple of months will be a period of transition. I had the good luck to follow Gillian Lawrence and Janet Harris as presidents. They are both very committed to this industry, and they left the AAERT house in good order. Gillian Lawrence will be helping me transition to president. I am appreciative of her guidance and patience.

Gail Malm Armstrong was elected vice-president. Gail is a calming force on the board. She has experience in reporting and transcribing, both privately and in the courts. She has a grace and determination that will lead AAERT into the future. Gail is also the conference coordinator for the 2009 conference in Indiana.

An incredibly daunting task is being undertaken by Sherry Simmons. Sherry is assuming the responsibilities of executive director as Bill Wagner transitions into retirement. Sherry is learning everything she can about the business of AAERT from Bill Wagner and Karl Fuss. It is a huge task. If you have ever talked with Bill, you know why Jan Harris refers to him as our own "personal professor." Sherry has a lot to learn and she is perfect for the job.
Randel Raison is new to the board this year. Randel received the Transcriber of the Year award last year and is a board member this year. Does that tell you anything about Randel's ambition? With his energy and creativity, it will be an exciting year.

Karen Bergstrom is also new to the board this year. She was our 2005 Transcriber of the Year. Karen takes this responsibility very seriously and she is a great asset to us at AAERT.

We have the benefit of experience from the remaining board members Gillian Lawrence, Kim McCright, and Luis Gomez to continue guiding us in the right direction.

So as you can see, I don't do this job alone. We are a working board. We work for you, the membership of AAERT. We will do our best to make AAERT "the .WAV of the future."

With all of that said, the following are some areas we hope to address in the coming months:

  • Promote E-Reporting for what it really is — an accurate, verifiable method to capture and preserve the record.

  • Create more formalized committees:  an advisory board to help AAERT continue to grow; government relations to address proposed legislative changes that create barriers for E-Reporting; membership to address our ever increasing membership; certification to continue to maintain credibility.

  • Correct misinformation about E-Reporting that is frequently reported by other associations.

  • Continue to promote E-Reporting through advertising in trade journals and exhibiting at industry-related conferences.

At a recent meeting, someone remarked to me that digital reporting is on the verge of exploding.  I believe he is right.  With some advance work and preparation, we can ride that .WAV into the future.  I hope AAERT can count on your help.

Margaret Ann Morgan, CERT
        AAERT President



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New Association addresses
Our e-mail and office addresses have changed.  Be sure to update your records to show:


Mail:       AAERT
              2900 Fairhope Road
              Wilmington, Delaware  19810-1624
Sherry Simmons, Executive Director

Sherry Simmons, CER (Delaware), became AAERT's Executive Director on July 1st.  Sherry joined the Association in 1996 and was first elected to the Board in 2004.

Now retired from Delaware's Court of Common Pleas, she has had a long career in reporting and court administration, and brings both organizational skills and enthusiasm to the position.

Sherry attended Temple University in Philadelphia, where she obtained her certificate in stenographic reporting.  She joined the Court of Common Pleas in 1977, and rose through the ranks to become the Court's Chief Court Reporter, eventually coming to use the FTR digital recording system as the method of capturing the record.  Sherry is a strong believer in and supporter of AAERT's mission.

She and her husband, Chick, live in Wilmington.

For Association business, contact Sherry at 800.233.5306 (Eastern Time),
by e-mail at, or by mail at AAERT's office address, above.
Sunny Peer,
          — an original AAERT board member, passes
 .  .  .

Sunny was one of AAERT's initial seven Directors, serving from March 1994 to June 1996.  She passed away on July 8th after a long illness.

She received her B.A. in English from the University of New Mexico and later used her love of language and word-play to develop a career as a court reporter.  Sunny began taking Capitol Hill hearings in 1976 and later founded On The Record Reporting, a well-respected firm covering federal hearings throughout the country.

An in memoriam contribution has been made to AAERT's Continuing Education Fund.

Steve Townsend (Arizona), one of our co-founders, wrote to the Board:

"I do not think we should understate Sunny's contribution to the industry and specifically to AAERT.  It may be that only those of us involved at the very beginning understand her contribution.  As an original incorporator, I can tell you that Sunny's knowledge, professionalism, communication skills, and calming presence made a huge and very positive difference in those early days.  Most people would not realize how emotional some of those early meetings were.  Connie Rill was a significant driving force, and this organization would not exist without her vision and energy — but it could have blown apart in a month if Sunny was not there to keep things calm and professional.

"She always had my highest respect, and I will miss her.  Our industry has lost a true hero."

Wisconsin recognizes digital court reporting

In late June, the Wisconsin judiciary's Making the Record Committee concluded an extensive study of court reporting methods, and on July 1 the Supreme Court issued guidelines and a position description to introduce the category of Digital Court Reporter.

Of interest is the statement that the Court would "[p]refer candidates who have successfully completed the AAERT's certification program for digital court reporters and transcribers (CERT) or other equivalent certification as approved by the Director of State Courts."

This progressive and enlightened step was taken after a pilot project with FTR systems proved highly successful.  So if you are thinking about a great place to live and work, consider Wisconsin!  The digital reporting industry is growing nicely here.

To read the full text of the Director of State Courts' memo in PDF format, click here:
Wisconsin Digital Court Reporters.

An example of job openings which will become available can be viewed at
Certification examinations
                  — requirements and fees

As announced earlier, fees for AAERT certification testing are now set at $100.00 per examination, reporter or transcriber, to accommodate rising administrative costs.

This allows a $50.00 fee for those needing to re-test for only the written or practical portion of an examination.

At the same time, to allow qualified members to progress quickly to certification — (as required by job descriptions in some jurisdictions) — the Board has recodified the current eligibility standards:

AAERT members in good standing may apply for testing, who:

  • are eligible for notary public commissions in their states,

  • have a high school diploma or equivalent,

  • have one year of experience in reporting or transcribing.

NOTE:  A member with less than one year of experience may sit for examinations if referred by an AAERT-certified member or a current employer.*  A referral must be signed and submitted in writing to the Certification Committee along with the test application form and corresponding fee.

* For purposes of this referral procedure only, the Committee expands the standard definition of "employer" to include those who administer reporting or transcribing contracts, and who wish to recommend a qualified associate or subcontractor.

Direct questions to Steve Simon, CERT, Certification Committee Chair, at



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The Nature of Words

I have a store of words that I learned from my grandparents, words so archaic that I seldom utter them aloud.  Recently it occurred to me that as we are rapidly losing the generation of folks born in the early 20th century, sharing some of those words would be a good thing.

I have known that antecedents of mine came to Texas by way of North Carolina after alighting in this country, and my grandfather's use of the word siggodlin bore witness to that fact.  Webster's Unabridged doesn't even have the word, though the synonym antigodlin is still listed.  Whenever we'd drive by an old house in the country that was about to lean off its foundation, it would be declared to be sigodlin.  Both of these apparently come to us by way of the British use of goggle, meaning to tremble or shake, from the Middle English gogelen, to look aside.  Something sigodlin is shaking to the side.  Other of granddaddy's terms for things askew or out of kilter were cattywampus and whopperjawed.

Askew comes to us by way of skew, from the Middle English skewen, to slip away or swerve, by way of the Middle Dutch schuwen, to get out of the way.

One of my grandmother's favorite exclamations was "Well, I swan."  This usage goes all the way back to the Midlands in England; swan is short for "I shall warrant."

Living languages evolve, so old words and phrases are constantly replaced by new ones.  But it's nice, nonetheless, to be aware of our rich linguistic heritage.  As Churchill put it, ". . . short words are the best, and the old words . . . are best of all."

Laurel H. Stoddard,  CET.
On The Record Reporting & Transcription, Inc.
(Austin, Texas)   l



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Free on-line training for transcribers
— FTR's  TheRecord Player 5.1
August 29, 11 a.m.  (Mountain Standard Time*)

What?   Just for transcribers?  Isn't the Player series also for anyone who wishes to listen to FTR and other standard digital audio recordings, like judges, attorneys, or paralegals?

Yes, indeed,
    so everyone interested in digital audio is welcome to participate
    in this free on-line webinar to learn all about it.

TheRecord PlayerTM 5.1 is FTR's brand-new, versatile, audio / video playback application.
The webinar will demonstrate what it can do, and how you can use it most effectively.

  When?   August 29 at 11:00 a.m. (MST*)
          * Note:  FTR's home state, Arizona, does not observe daylight saving time,
                          so its 11:00 a.m. Mountain equals 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

  How long?   About an hour.

  So how do I sign up?   Click here to register:   August 29th's Player Webinar
View the entire schedule of FTR webinars at



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A member's review of
Electronic reporters and transcribers are always on the go, and many times are away from the main computer that operates their work life.

A product called "LogMeIn" has been available for quite some time.  LogMeIn is a complete and secure solution to remote control access to your data, and the best part about it:  it's free!

In the "dark ages" when I didn't know about LogMeIn, I was carrying a USB Travel Drive which contained various templates, audio, billing information — anything I needed to have with me to operate business as usual.  The days of synchronizing data from the Travel Drive back to where the information should be are now a thing of the past, thanks to this free product!

The fact that it's free to use for multiple remote PCs, or with reasonable monthly plans if you need more — five computers for $20 per month or $200 per year — makes this remote-access program instantly appealing.  The program differs from its competitors in that the application runs in your Web browser.  If you're running Firefox, it asks to install a plug-in and then opens an emulator of the remote PC in a new window.  If you have a lot of tabs open, LogMeIn will slow down your browsing and possibly your CPU clock speed a bit.
The control window gives you some standard options such as Ctrl-Alt-Del (which kills the connection) and changing the view settings, as well as tabbed access to adjust the connection setting.  The 256-bit SSL encryption and dual passwords — one for the program and one for the remote PC's log-in — are welcome protections that keep your information secure.

You must upgrade to take advantage of the file transfer and synchronization abilities, but creative users should be able to find ways around that restriction for small files.  Still, for the functionality and the price, LogMeIn is an excellent program.

LogMeIn is the perfect way to stay in touch with your data from a laptop, PDA, or even a cell phone with a large enough screen, and the only required element is access to the Internet.  LogMeIn works anywhere there is a Internet connection, and that includes a cruise ship.  Imagine conducting business from the middle of the ocean!

LogMeIn offers a paid version, but in most cases the free version will do everything you need to do to stay securely connected to your data when you are away from your office.  The system is available for download at and it will install and be operational in minutes.

Randel Raison,  CET**D
All Professionals Litigation Support Team, Inc.
(Houston, Texas)   l



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A member's review of
Dear friends,

I'd like to report on a free service that has aided my business immensely, one that I see as a definite benefit for us all.  It's called Skype, downloadable from   I find it extremely easy to use, and it allows multi-tasking with great efficiency.  We not only use it for calls, inter-office correspondence, and video conferences, but for file transfers as well.

Skype is our preferred alternative when e-mail just won't get it done, or even instead of e-mail.  Also, it is a great alternative to a regular phone, since Skype-to-Skype calls are FREE.  You can call regular phones, even cell phones, and send text messages for low rates as well.

Skype proves its worth in the workplace by easily allowing companies to communicate with each other.

Those concerned with privacy issues, in view of recent revelations that our top three telecom providers (AT&T, Verizon, and BellSouth) have released subscribers' records to government agencies in order to create a database for data-mining into people's phoning habits, will appreciate that internet-based calls with programs such as Skype bypass those entities.

Skype is similar to AOL or any other instant-messaging software you may already be familiar with, but with many more options.  First off, it keeps a chat log for each of your contacts.  It also includes features such as:

  • an online number
  • text messaging
  • voice-mail
  • call forwarding
  • video calling
  • call transfer
  • money transfer
  • international access

— and, in my experience, much, much more.

Think about it, then try it.  You might just like it. :)

Luis M. Gomez,  CCV
Absolute Video, Inc.
(Miami, Florida)



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  A continuing reminder:   Pengad offers a significant membership benefit.

AAERT members receive Pengad's lowest catalog pricing on most court reporting supplies, regardless of quantity.
This means we do not have to buy in bulk to save.

Just identify yourself as an AAERT member when ordering, and you automatically receive this consideration on your purchases of

  • Transcript covers

  • Laser supplies

  • Data accessories

  • Stock forms

  • Mailing supplies

  • Index tabs, and much more.

800 631-6989   —   fax 800 631-2329   —

Note:   Promotional items, billheads / invoices, business cards, flat or raised print stationery,
and printed mailing envelopes are not included in this benefit.



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New Insurance Benefits Now Available for Members

Dear AAERT Members:

Greg Smith and Associates is a full-service insurance brokerage and financial planning company.  We have been working with AAERT's officers to add additional membership benefits, and to increase the value of the association to its members.  We are proud to present the first two benefits we have arranged.

We have secured the following discounted insurance programs, which we believe will help you immediately:

  Professional Liability
is offered through Philadelphia Insurance Companies, specialists in Professional Liability insurance for a variety of professions.  They are offering AAERT members a 10% discount on Professional Liability policies.  These policies can also be packaged with General Liability, and the discount can be applied to both.

  Disability and Business Overhead Expense
We have secured three discounted disability policies to fit any need or situation from three blue-chip insurance carriers.  These carriers will be offering discounts of up to 15% on these policies.

Feel free to call me at (520) 615-6385 to discuss the various risks these plans can protect you against, or to obtain a proposal.  Thanks.

Steve Jansen,  (Tucson, Arizona)
Greg Smith and Associates

Greg Smith and Associates
7530 North La Cholla Boulevard
Tucson, Arizona   85741



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2008 - 2009 Board of Directors and Officers

The Board, left to right:
Gillian Lawrence, CERT, (Florida),
Kim McCright, CET**D, (Arizona),
Randel Raison, CET**D, (Texas),
Sherry Simmons, CER, (Delaware),
Margaret Ann Morgan, CERT, (Minnesota),
Gail Malm Armstrong, CERT, (Indiana),
Luis Gomez, CCV, (Florida),
Karen Bergstrom, CERT, (Florida),

AAERT's Board election on June 23rd in San Antonio resulted in two new faces among the Directors:
Karen Bergstrom, CERT (Florida), and Randel Raison, CET**D (Texas).

Our bylaws provide that the membership elects the Board, and then the Directors meet to choose our executive officers:  President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Executive Director.  Board members serve three-year terms; however, our officers are appointed each year at Conference.  The Treasurer and Executive Director are not required to be sitting members of the Board.

Our current officers are:

President Margaret Ann Morgan, CERT (Minnesota),
Vice-President Gail Malm Armstrong, CERT (Indiana),
Secretary Luis Gomez, CCV (Florida),
Executive Director Sherry Simmons, CER (Delaware), and
Treasurer Bill Wagner, CET (Washington).
Bill will serve through December, and in 2009 our Treasurer will be:
Jim Bowen, CER (New Jersey).

Two Board positions will be due for election at June 2009's Indianapolis Conference — consider whether you would like to serve your fellow members in this interesting and personally rewarding capacity.



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Newly Certified Members
June 2008 Conference Examinations

June 22nd saw certification testing conducted in San Antonio at AAERT's 15th Annual Conference.
Congratulations and our very best wishes to these candidates who earned their initial or upgraded certifications!

Shawna L. Anderson, CET**D
Anisa Aldene Beddow, CERT*D
Christopher Boone, CER**D
Jan Correggio, CER**D
Karman Dickerson, CER**D
Constance M. Hagar, CET**D
Laura R. Hinton, CERT*D
Stacie A. Jergenson, CERT*D
Stacy E. Noeth, CET**D
Kathy Rehling, CET**D
Georgianne Sarbaugh, CET**D
Terri Starkey, CET**D
Ilene M. Watson, CET**D
New Mexico

A general discussion of the program and a current schedule is at Certification Testing.

Steve Simon,  CERT
      Certification Chair



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A warm welcome to our new members
since the last issue of The Court Reporter

AAERT members can go to our on-line Directories by clicking here.


Alexis Butler-Wood
ABW Transcription
Springfield Gardens, New York
Betsy J. Ertel
Apopka, Florida
Eloise Reese
OverflowSolutions, LLC
Largo, Maryland
Nicole Catherine Banes, Wisconsin

Donna Lee Brown, Georgia

Regina Gayle Carver, Kentucky

Deborah A. Cook, New York

Amy Tate Filler, Arizona

Cheryl Renae Grundseth, Minnesota

Ginger Jabs, Virginia

Debby L. Johnson, Florida

Laurie A. Johnson, Florida

Roberta Katz, Massachusetts

Kimberly Lawrie, Florida

Vince Lipinski, New Mexico

Dennis Miracle, Florida

Jane Molaro, Virginia

Jennifer N. Murray, West Virginia

Wisetta Neill, Michigan

Jane Ann Pfitzinger, Wisconsin

Carol A. Richardson, Michigan

Georgianne Sarbaugh, Pennsylvania

Alisa Ann Shelton, Arizona

Richard Joseph Taormina, California

Ben Ungarsohn, New York

Suzanne Ventura, Pennsylvania

Penny Jo Warner, Arizona

Gerry A. Wolfson-Grande, Florida

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