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The Court Reporter Spring 2015
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For Professionals in Electronic / Digital Court Technology
The Court Reporter           

Editor: Gail Malm Armstrong, CER, CET                                       Volume 20, Number 2 - Spring Edition     

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In This Issue

President's Message

Executive Corner

Taking Charge of Change
AAERT 2015 Annual Conference

Minnesota-The Star of the North

Shortcuts Corner

Recap of Second Executive Forum

In Her Own Words - First Person Narratives

The Comma is your Friend

The BUZZ - Tech Devices

Punctuation is POWERFUL!

The Nature of Words

Newly Certified Members

Welcome New Members

Member Benefit Discounts

Shortcuts Corner
by SpeedTypeTM

Have you ever experienced a situation in the past where your computer crashed and you lost all your macros built over the past 10 years? It is painstaking to rebuild, remember all your entries, and reenter them one by one. If you don't want to experience that predicament again, you may want to consider.....

Check out some keystroke-saving techniques

Congratulations to our Newly Certified Members:

Please note: AAERT is in the process of trademarking our Certification Designations CER & CET. AAERT will no longer use the CERT designation as a "combined" designation after the member's name. See the examples below with our newly certified members.

Marie Adams, CER, CET
North Dakota

Laurel R. Alber, CER, CET
North Dakota

Rachael Auwae, CER

Tami L. Beckley, CER, CET
North Dakota

Katherine K. Bosque, CER

Jesse Joseph Brown, CER

Brittany Donnell, CET

Angela Dutenhoffer, CET

Patty English, CET

Tammy Henriksen, CER, CET
North Dakota

Tori Lawton, CET

Maureen Lepp, CER, CET
North Dakota

Erin M. Lindsey, CER

Jean M. Lindvig, CER, CET
North Dakota

Melissa P. Morden, CER, CET
North Dakota

Kathryn A. Parrill, CER, CET
North Dakota

Shannah Renaud, CER, CET
North Dakota

Myra P. Severtson, CET
New Mexico

Jodi Sherman, CER, CET
North Dakota

Lenora Wargo, CET
New Jersey

Gina Wariner, CER, CET
North Dakota

Tom Watson, CER

Karen L. Zubris, CET

A Warm Welcome to our New Individual Members:

Karen Ainsworth

Ann Brodsky

Rebecca M. Cassidy

Margaret Douglas

Deborah A. Garrison
South Carolina

Sally Sybert Gessner

Hope LeAnne Harriman

Lisa Jo Hubacher

Ken Iglehart

Charles Madden

Donna Lee Malone

Larry Martin

Jeanne Woodlock Meldrim
New York

Michele Ruth Niehaus

Lisa Odaffer

Cynthia G. Peacock

Heidi Beth Pitner
North Dakota

Carla Schulz

Janie Smoter

Eric Stirrup

Brandi LeAnn Sydney

Akua Walker
New York

Dawn Marie Walker

Marta Wojtulewicz

Aisha Yap

New Corporate Members:

TranscribeMe Inc.
Rene Arvin

Metro Transcripts, LLC
Patrice Mezzacapo
New Jersey

Verbatim Support Services
Dana Welch

AAERT Committees and Chairs

Ray Vetter, CER

Geoffrey Hunt

  • Website:
    Geoffrey Hunt
  • Social Media:
    Gail Malm Armstrong, CER, CET
  • Newsletter:
    Gail Malm Armstrong, CER, CET

Conference Education:
Margaret Morgan, CER, CET

Tonie Wallace

Government Relations:
Rick Russell

Steve Townsend

AAERT Online Certified Exams, Recertification and CEUs

In January of 2014, AAERT implemented a new process for our exams for CER & CET designation titles. We are pleased to announce that our new Online Certification process is going smoothly, and we continue to improve the exam procedures and content as we move forward. You can view our Exam Calendar on our website under the Fees and Deadlines Tab.

Along with our Online Certification, we have incorporated a Recertification process for our CER and CET designations. This process is not something new to a certification process, but it is new to AAERT. Recertification allows our members to continue to raise the bar on their professionalism through continued education and community and association involvement.

Anyone holding a CER, CET, or a combination of both, and who tested prior to January 1, 2013, will be required to be recertified with 2.0 CEU credits or take a one-and-a-half hour class offered at our 2014 and 2015 conference prior to their 2015 membership renewal date.

Anyone holding a CER, CET or a combination of both, and who tested after January 1, 2013, will be required to be recertified with 3.0 CEU credits before the expiration date on their Certification Certificate.

Further information can be found on the AAERT website on the Recertification Tab, or you may contact the AAERT Office.

AAERT will continue to update and improve our list of ways to earn CEUs, and members will be notified via email of these changes.




Tech Devices You Can't Live Without

The BeeRaider Keyboard
Welcome to the BeeRaider Keyboard. The Home of 21st Century Keyboard-data-entry!


eBusiness Cards
How about an eBusiness Card from my:Key
Stand Out from the Crowd

The Ring Video Doorbell
The Ring Video Doorbell for your Smartphone. Never miss a visitor.

AAERT Member Benefits

Below is a reminder of the various Member Benefit Discounts we have for our AAERT members. For a complete listing and more information, check out our AAERT Members Benefits Page on our website.


American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers, Inc.


P.O. Box 9826
Wilmington, DE 19809


Hello @@first_name@@ - We hope you enjoy this issue of The Court Reporter. Don't forget that you can submit an article and earn CEU credits if the article is published. Please send your articles, comments regarding this publication, or format suggestions to Gail Malm Armstrong, Editor-in-Chief at


President's Message

by Buck Ewing

The AAERT is on the move and picking up momentum! We’ve accomplished much during the last few months, and more exciting events are just around the corner.

Flashback: April 2012, Atlanta, Georgia. AAERT exhibited at Georgia’s first “Regional Justice Technology Expo.” There were 400 attendees and 37 vendors, a good turnout for this first regional conference. We knew that Florida was fully committed to electronic reporting and learned there that Georgia would likely follow suit. In July 2014, the Judicial Council of Georgia Policies and Fees for Court Reporting invited AAERT to comment on proposed legislation which included digital reporting. We submitted a detailed letter in support of this new legislation. In March 2015, just a month ago, the Judicial Council of Georgia and AAERT reached an agreement...

Read the Full Article

Executive Corner

by Michael Tannen, CSEP

Who knew? Since our CEU program started, AAERT has seen an increase in membership involvement within the Association. One area of particular interest is our eNewsletter “The Court Reporter." Who knew we had so many writers among us? Under the direction of our Editor, Gail Malm Armstrong, CER, CET, to increase written articles and my suggestion of looking no further than our own members, we seem to have found great writers within AAERT. With recent thought-provoking articles such as (but not limited to) “How to Train Your Dragon”, “Some Thoughts on Proofreading”, “Crystal Clear Audio”, and one of my favorite....

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"Taking Charge of Change"
AAERT 2015 Annual Conference

by Margaret Ann Morgan, CER, CET
Chair, 2015 Conference Education Committee

The AAERT annual conference will be held on June 25-27 at the downtown Minneapolis Marriott. Whether you are a first-timer or a veteran, you will find interesting educational sessions to assist and support you in your digital reporting and transcription career. Many thanks to committee members Tammy Halonen, SueLynn Morgan, Nathan Peck, Tina Schaeffer, and Cheryl Wallat who volunteered their time and energy to create a stimulating agenda with talented industry professionals to present on a variety of topics.

The focus this year is "Taking Charge of Change." When you stay current with technology.....

Conference Information and Online Registration

Minnesota: The Star of the North

by Margaret Ann Morgan, CER, CET

There is so much more to Minnesota than bitter cold winters. In the summer you can boat and swim in its 10,000-plus lakes and you can drive your snowmobile or truck across them in the winter. Lake Calhoun, Lake of the Isles, and Lake Harriet are connected by paved trails that are great for biking, hiking, and running. There is the Mighty Mississippi and the highest population of eagles in the United States. Minnesota notables include: Laura Ingalls Wilder, Sinclair Lewis, and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Charles Schultz was a .....

Read the Full Article


Second AAERT Executive Forum
by Tonie Wallace
AAERT Board of Director and Chair, Education Committee

AAERT's second Executive Forum held on March 13, and 14, 2015, at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel, Crystal City, Virginia, was once again a perfect venue for the owners and executives of eReporting and eTranscription corporate members.


The Executive Forum is structured to encourage owners and executives to exchange information and network with each other. This year the goal was to assist the attendees in confronting the challenges and changes heading our way.

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In Her Own Words - First Person Narratives

by Lina Fletcher, CET

     I sling my camera bag over my shoulder, grab my coffee mug, and step out the door. It’s a short quarter-mile walk to the little lake and I smile in anticipation of the sunrise. Within minutes I reach my favorite spot and settle into the grass. Tripod stretched, camera locked down, settings clicked and I give a happy sigh. The early morning fresh around me as I wait for sleepy gray clouds to turn soft pink then golden in a wide awake burst.

     I take a sip from my second cup of coffee. Or third? I’ve been up since 4:30 a.m. An attorney’s emergency bumping my favorite evening shows and condensing my good night’s sleep. I turned off....

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The Comma is your Friend
..... and just like any other friend, it doesn't want to be abused, overused, or ignored

by Danielle (Dani) Gordon, CET

     I'm a proofreader for a court reporting company. My transcriptionist colleagues and I sometimes differ when it comes to some of my edits. After giving some feedback recently, the response was that maybe my having been educated in Kentucky made a difference in what I was taught when it came to the basic rules of grammar and punctuation. I think I sat there kind of slack jawed for a few minutes just thinking about my elementary school education.

     I was in grade school in the '70s where I attended a very small rural school that had eight classrooms total. Our gym also served as our cafeteria, and our library was a trailer attached to an exit door off the gym. Due to the small community.....

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Punctuation is Powerful
Fraternal Twins of the Grammar World - Homonyms!!
by Antoinette Franks, CET

     Homonyms. They're what I call the fraternal twins of the grammar world. Why? Because like fraternal twins, there are a lot of major similarities that can cause you, at a glance or in a rush, to mistake one for the other. But in fact, when you take a closer look, they couldn't be more different. Homonyms can be one of the most fascinating but also frustrating aspects of grammar if you do not make the concerted effort to have a concrete grasp of them.

     First, what is a homonym? A homonym is a word that sounds like another but....

Read the Full Article

The Nature of Words
by Laurel H. Stoddard, CET

With springtime zephyrs blowing from the south and with the patio north of the large oak tree, sweeping the patio free of oak pollen tassels is a Sisyphean task indeed. Current usage defines zephyr as a soft and gentle breeze from any direction, but originally Zephyr was the name of the west wind.

The Latin zephyrus was derived from Greek zephuros, the west wind; probably related....

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