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The Court Reporter Spring 2016
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Volume 21-2 Spring Edition - May 3, 2016


Editor: Gail Malm Armstrong, CER, CET

Conference in the Desert

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by Raymond M. Vetter, CER
As a resident of the Old Pueblo, more commonly known as Tucson, Arizona, I am very proud of my state hosting our 23rd Annual Conference and Executive Forum this June 22nd through 25th in our capital city of Phoenix, about 120 miles northwest of here. Yes, it will be hot in June, but Phoenix is a beautiful destination city with ....
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President's Message
by Buck Ewing

Dear Colleague,

I hope you are well and enjoying the spring weather.


As a new addition to T-TEAM Management, Maria Tannen, Michael’s niece, is taking on some of Michael’s duties in order to free him up to serve more in the role of CEO than Executive Director. Michael now has more time to work closely with the committee chairs and their initiatives. Thank you, Michael! Welcome Maria!

I also want to extend a warm welcome to Betsy Ertel, our newest member of the Board, who has been a longtime member and active supporter of AAERT. She is ...

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Executive Corner
by Michael F. Tannen, CSEP
The Heat is On, and the location is Phoenix, Arizona for the AAERT 2016 Annual Conference. What should you expect besides the heat? EDUCATION, NETWORKING, FUN, and some SMOOTH JAZZ. This year we have moved our Executive Forum to the beginning of the conference.
Corporate ....

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Quotes: Are Yours Straight or Smart?
by Antoinette Franks, CET
Are your quotes and apostrophes "straight"? If not, they should be. As youngsters, we're all taught to make that nice little circle at the top or bottom of our quotes and apostrophes. They look nice and elegantly placed with a slight curve to them in the appropriate direction. And that format even carries over into the documents you type. The apostrophe has a slant to it, and your quotation marks curve ever so appropriately. In the transcription industry ...
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Say What?
by Margaret A. Shepard, CET

I collect examples of the written equivalent of train-wrecks from the internet, append my immediate thought and send them off to like-minded friends.
Here are the more noteworthy:

From a man, responding to someone who answered his pleas for advice about how to quit abusing his wife: “Also very inciteful. Thank you.”

You’re not helping.

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Digital Reporting Bill in California
by Rick Russell, Government Relations Chair
AAERT presented testimony in favor of AB 1834 at the California Assembly Judiciary Committee hearing held March 29, 2016 in Sacramento, CA.

AB 1834 was introduced by Assembly Member Donald Wagner (R) and called for a change to the existing law, which authorizes a court to use electronic recording equipment to record an action or proceeding in a limited civil case, or a misdemeanor or infraction case, if an official reporter or an official reporter pro tempore is unavailable. This bill would additionally ...

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To Proof, or Not to Proof, That is the Question
by Danielle (Dani) Gordon, CET

Even at a very young age, I was a perfectionist when it came to grammatical errors or spelling errors, especially those found in newspapers or on store signs. It was nothing for that Type A little eight-year-old to write a letter to our local paper or march into a store and ask to speak to a manager about an article or advertising signs. Were any appreciative? I never heard back from the newspaper and still don’t to this day, and yes, I still write and email offering to proof the articles. Store personnel didn’t take kindly to being corrected by ...

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Backup is Best!!!
by Antoinette Franks, CET
In this industry, most understand the definition and value of the word backup. They usually take it to mean backup your transcripts, because we have all had the unfortunate experience of having a document magically disappear by way of Word not responding, closing the document without saving, a power outage, et cetera. And it is an experience we never forget. But have you thought about what else the backup should apply to in your everyday life as a transcriber? No? I will tell you. It applies to ...
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The Wave is in .... The Value of Education and Continuing Education
by Tonie M. Wallace
The Value of Education and Continuing Education is often seen as the reason people earn more money. While money may be enough of an incentive for most people to seek more education, for others, job security may be more enticing. There are no guarantees of employment, no matter the level of education, however, it does make one more competitive in the job market.

As the economic rewards of an education continue to increase, so will the number of people seeking those rewards. We have had an interesting turn of events in the world of court reporting. Right now, we are in the ‘seller’s seat’. That is to say, the demand for professional court reporters is very high for courtroom reporters, even though ...

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There's No Place Like Home
by Gina Gattone, CET
They say that living abroad makes you appreciate what you have back home. Eleven years ago, I took my second trip from my home in Chicago to Argentina. I fell in love with my husband, a Spanish-Italian native of the port city, and moved to Buenos Aires a year later. It took some getting used to living in a metropolitan area of 13 million people, but we live simply, we love our neighborhood, and we have a happy little family.

Through our frequent visits and technology, I get to see my family often. But I don't think I'll ever get over missing ...

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The Nature of Words
by Laurel Stoddard, CET
My father was left-handed, and he was certain that one of his three children also would be so. Alas, we are all right-hand dominant. Scientists are not of a consensus what percentage of the population is left-handed; the number varies from 5 to 30 percent. I've noticed I wear out left-hand gardening gloves well before the right-hand ones, so there must be some ambidexterity there.

Language has long expressed ...

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Welcome to our New Members and Newly Certified Members

Please click on the link below to view all of our New AAERT Members and those that have obtained their Certified Electronic Reporter and Certified Electronic Transcriber designations. Congratulations!
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