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August 2011 The Court Reporter
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For Professionals in Electronic / Digital Court Technology   
The Court Reporter

Volume 16, Number 3 - Post-Conference 2011



In This Issue

President's Message

Post - AAERT Conference Scottsdale

Executive Corner

Transcriber of the Year Post Report

In Memoriam
Karl Fuss

The Nature of Words

Member's Corner:
In the Ears of the Hearer

AAERT Planning Task Force Update

Newly Certified Members

Welcome New Members

Blessing for Court Reporters


Looking to Get Involved?

AAERT is looking for member volunteers for the following Committee and Task Force:

2012 Educational Conference Committee
This committee, Chaired by Michele Lilley, CET*D, will create the educational content sessions for our 2012 Conference. To send in your request to become a 2012 Educational Conference Committee volunteer, please email Michele with your request.

Educational Modules Task Force
This Task Force, Chaired by Ken Kelemen, CER*D, will work on creating various Educational Video Modules for our members. These modules will coincide with our Certification-Best Practices. To send in your request to become a volunteer on the Educational Module Task Force, please email Ken with your request.

Thank You


October / November 2011 Certification Examination Dates Posted

AAERT's Fall 2011 test cycle will occur in 11 locations, including one in Israel.  The dates, as well as specific location information for each city can be found by going to our website. The deadline for all certification testing registration is Friday, September 30, 2011.

Congratulations to our Newly Certified Members:

Jennifer A. Apes, CER*D Connecticut

John R. Buckley, CET*D

Leslie M. Winderweedle Cook, CET*D

Christi Taylor, CET*D

A Warm Welcome to our New AAERT Members:

Maria Ares 

Marcia Bisaga 

Lorena Bishop 

Kelly Custard 

Clare M.Dougherty 

Nancy Fenner 

Stuart N. Herring 

Cecelia Kimball 

Rebecca Marie MacLeman-Clark 

Katheryn Malone 

Vicki Van Meter 

Sheila McGraw 

Cheryl A. Petenbrink 

Edna Press 

Donna Priest 

Theresa Pullan 

Jahn Pulliam 

David Rutt 

Janet Marie Stegman 

Dwauna L. Taylor 

Shelia Katasia Watkins 

Shane' Elizabeth Williams 

Katrina Wojtowicz 

Tony Robert Wright 

Vendor Members:

EasyScribe LLC
Bill Taylor
Gambrills, Maryland

Corporate Members:

American High-Tech Transcription & Reporting
Mickey Segal
Clearwater, Florida

E-Typist Transcription
Vivian Saxe
Stow, Ohio

Kerr and Associates
Geraldine Kerr
Tavares, Florida

Legal Transcripts Pty
Fiona Hall
Melbourne, Australia

LeGrand Services
Penny LeGrand
Rosell, Illinois


Hello @@first_name@@ - We hope you enjoy this issue of The Court Reporter. We have added a new item, "Member's Corner", where you can submit an article for publication. We can't promise all submissions will be published, but we will certainly do our best.  Please send your articles and comments regarding this publication to the AAERT Office.

President's Message

With the wave of technology gaining speed over the past several years, a tidal wave market is now on the horizon for digital reporting. Our Planning Committee Chair, Steve Townsend, presented an outstanding overview of where we have been and where the future lies for us. For those in attendance, the news injected them with exciting energy, and the buzz continued through the rest of the week.

When I returned, I was retelling.... For the Full Article... 

Post Conference 2011 Report from Scottsdale, Arizona
by: Jim Bowen, CER

The Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona was the site of the 18th Annual AAERT Conference. Despite one hundred degree plus temperatures, attendees were not deterred in taking the opportunity to learn, network and socialize with their industry colleagues.

The Board of Directors spent a day and a half prior to the conference reviewing the state of the association and planning for its future. Key presentations were made to the Board regarding online certification testing and an update from our Planning Task Force. Board members found the meetings to be time well spent. For the Full Article...

Executive Corner 

Her name was Irene. She passed through many eastern states and was well-known to residents as she passed by, causing not only damage to property, but damage to human lives, as well. Irene made influential people such as mayors, governors, and even the President of the United States speak about her and recognized just how powerful she is. Yes, Irene was a hurricane, but oh, did we watch and pay attention to what she had to say, because we understood her power.

Maybe you weren't affected by Irene, but if you were, I hope the impact was minimal. Maybe you remember something similar, but with a different name. More than likely, you've been a part of some type of comparable disaster where you live, and there were associations and communities to help you through these times. One association in particular, Red Cross, comes to mind as a well-known, established association, which is always there when needed. They have the structure to communicate with their volunteers in a quick and efficient manner. Red Cross is there when you need them, and that offers a comfortable feeling to many.

So, my question to you is... For the Full Article...

2011 Transcriber of the Year - Post Conference

Andrea-Renette Sohun, CERT*D, 2011 AAERT Electronic Court Transcriber of the Year

"… Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." This phrase, made famous by the character, Forest Gump in the 1994 movie "Forest Gump" is so relevant to me.

In June 2009, while attending a conference in Nashville, TN, I met Sherry Simmons, who gave me her business card and introduced me to the AAERT. I remember telling her that one of my colleague's name is also Sherry, so I wouldn't forget her.

I didn't join AAERT until June 2010, and although certification is not mandatory as yet in my jurisdiction... Read the Full Article... 

In Memoriam: Karl Fuss 

by: Janet Harris, CERT

Our industry suffered a great loss with the death of Karl Fuss this past month. As a co-owner in Wagner-Fuss in Bothell, Washington, Karl was a reporter and transcriber.

Karl's contributions to AAERT are endless. An avid techno-geek, he was years ahead of his time with the latest gizmos and taught himself programming and HTML. Karl authored the reporter section of the AAERT study guide. When our association grew, he developed our membership database after teaching himself Alpha, a complex database software system. With the onset of the Internet, Karl became our webmaster and with his partner, Bill Wagner, learned HTML and built and maintained the AAERT web site which has been in use until just this last year.

Karl Fuss served not only our membership, but individual members, such as myself, who benefitted from his mentorship. He was a kind and patient man who loved to teach and discuss technology, classical music, opera and baseball. AAERT previously designated the Wagner-Fuss Award as an award of the highest distinction for extraordinary service in their honor. Our deepest condolences to Karl's partner, Bill Wagner, for his loss. On behalf of the Board and membership, thank you, Karl, for your extreme dedication to our success and for being an exemplary mentor to us all. We are all better reporters because you were here. We shall miss you dearly.

The Nature of Words 

Has the word solicit come to bear a more pejorative connotation than perhaps it deserves? An old word, from the early part of the 15th century, it arises from late Middle English soliciten, from Middle French solliciter, from the Latin sollicit_re, to excite, agitate; a derivative of sollicitus, troubled. The first definition found in Webster's New Universal Unabridged is "to seek for (something) by entreaty, earnest or respectful request." Such was the case in an earlier time, when, for example, in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Collins made the query, "May I hope... Read the Full Article...

- Laurel Stoddard, CET

Member's Corner:
In The Ears Of The Hearer...
Submitted by: Carmelita Lee, CET*D

Our court reporting firm has a client who insists that some of his State clients not use a court reporter, so he sends in a small handheld tape recorder – you read that correctly – a tape recorder – to record proceedings. He used to ask his secretary pool to type the tapes, but has long sense stopped asking ... After ten minutes with the crackling in the background, the sounds of the refrigeration unit turning on and off, and people coughing, the pool told him "Hire a professional."

He calls us, as we do his court reporting.

And the office called me.

The last five hours of "tape" I did for him was some of the most gruelling of my life. I'm a certified shorthand reporter by trade, but when I took to traveling the world I found I had to become a certified transcriptionist and a.... For the Full Article... 

AAERT Planning Task Force Update
Submitted by: Margaret Ann Morgan, CERT, Task Force Member

At the June 2011 AAERT annual conference in Phoenix, Steve Townsend, President of AVTranz and Chair of the AAERT Planning Task Force, presented to the membership on the "State of the Industry, Court Reporting." Recently, the presentation was condensed and it will soon be available in video format. Find out what your survey responses and the research conducted by the Planning Task Force reveal about the state of our industry. Look for an announcement in your inbox soon.

Blessing for Court Reporters

AAERT Member Bill Parsons invites AAERT members to view The Blessing for Court Reporters, The Electronic Reporter's Creed, and the Court Reporter Patron Saint's Card at his website The Court Reporter's Museum.

To view The Court Reporter's Blessing

To view The Electronic Reporter's Creed. (You can click the creed to enlarge it.)

To view The Court Reporter Patron Saint's Card

Bill prepared a special version of the patron saint's card especially for electronic reporters where there was a blessing of just the skills and not the hands, but that version is not available on the Internet. The version on the Internet was written for stenotype reporters with a blessing of the hands and skills.

If anyone wishes a copy of the electronic reporter's version of the patron saint's card with a blessing of just the skills, they may contact Bill, and he will send them a copy of the card.

Also, if anyone would like a copy of The Electronic Reporter's Creed suitable for framing, they may contact Bill, and he will send them a copy.

To contact Bill for the electronic file of The Court Reporter's Blessing, a hard copy of The Electronic Reporter's Creed suitable for framing, or  copies of the electronic reporter's version of the patron saint's card, you may e-mail him at

Please include your mailing address in your request for the creed and patron saint's card.


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