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Taking the Exam
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Taking an AAERT Examination

Registering for the Exam

To receive the CER® or CET® designation, a candidate must be a current Individual or Corporate member of AAERT.  If you are not a current member of AAERT, please complete the online Membership Registration.

If you wish to see what test sites are offered in your area, we suggest that you first go to the AAERT/Kryterion Registration site (an active test cycle must be open for registration to view this information) to begin your profile that will be needed to complete the registration process. Be sure to write down your sign in and password, as you will need this once you have purchased your test and then received your Voucher Code to complete the process.

To register for an exam, you may begin the process by purchasing your online CER® and / or CET® Exam through our online Payment Registration Process.  (An active test cycle must be open for registration in order to complete this process.)   Members should be signed into the AAERT site to access this area of registration.  Once payment is received by AAERT, you will be sent an email notification within 48 hours with your Voucher Code for the next step to set up registration through the Kryterion website. Once you receive your VOUCHER CODE, you MUST sign into the AAERT/Kryterion Registration site to complete your process of selecting a location/date/time within 48 hours after you receive your Voucher Code.

Reminder: A member with less than one year of experience may sit for examinations if referred by (1) an AAERT-certified member or (2) a current employer (for purposes of this referral procedure only, the Committee expands the standard definition of employer to include those who administer reporting or transcribing contracts, and who wish to recommend a qualified associate or subcontractor.)

A referral must be signed and submitted in writing to AAERT before you receive authorization to sit for the testing.

Apprentice Members MAY NOT sit for any AAERT certification exam. You MUST be an active Individual Member or Corporate Member to take an exam.

Create Profile with Kryterion

Once you receive your Voucher Code via email from the AAERT Office (please allow up to 48 hours for Voucher Code email), you will be directed to the Kryterion Registration site.  Complete the brief profile, along with a sign in and password.  Be sure to use the address where you either live or work, as the Host Sites where you will be taking the exam will be searched using this address.  This will assure you of the closest available Host Sites within your area. Most Host Sites are not open on weekends and availability may be limited, so register early for your selected test location.

Schedule your Exam

Once you have created your Kryterion profile, you will need to select the exam you wish to take.  The two exams offered by AAERT are the CER® (Certified Electronic Court Reporter) and the CET® (Certified Electronic Transcriber).  You may elect to take both exams, but be advised that you must register for each exam separately with a separate Voucher Code.  Also, be sure to allow a 2 hour minimum separation in time, if selecting to take both exams the same day at the same location.  For example, you may select to take the CER® exam at 11:00 a.m.  You will need to select a time of 2:00 p.m. or later in which to take the CET®.


After you select the exam, you may then select the testing facility, along with the open dates and times offered.


At the end of this process, you will submit your Voucher Code to complete the process.

Cancellations or Changes to your registered date / time must be done at least 72 hours prior to your start date / time and must be done through the Kryterion site, not the AAERT Office.  No refunds or changes will be allowed within the 72 hours.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

Examination Day Information 

Candidates should review the Host Site information, allowing enough time for traffic and weather.  Research where you will be able to park close to the site location.  Guests are not allowed inside the Host Site and childcare is not available.  Food and drink are not permitted in the Host Site.

NOTE: Typically, if a Host Site is going to be closed due to severe weather, you will be contacted by the Host team and your exam will be rescheduled.  You may also contact the Host team at 1-800-403-6199 to confirm if open or not.  This number is not a 24 hour number.

Be sure to bring with you all paperwork that shows your receipt and confirmed location / date / time.  You will be required to provide two (2) forms of identification (one must be a photo Government issued ID).  Secondary identification would be a credit card, bank debit card, or employee identification card.

You do not need to bring a laptop or any other type of computer, as one is supplied.  You do not need to bring a foot pedal.  Some sites will allow you to use your own headset, so please bring it.  In the event you are not permitted to use it, the proctor will advise you.

If a candidate fails to bring the required items with them to the Host Site, they will lose their opportunity to take the exam and forfeit the full examination fee.

Upon arrival, the proctor will provide you with scrap paper and pencil to be used while taking your exam.  The scrap paper and pencil will be collected after exam completion.

Exam-Taking Tips 

The following tips may help during the examination:

  • Questions are all multiple choice.  One response is required per question.
  • Take time to review the sample questions on our website.
  • Arrive early and refreshed.  Relax to reduce physical stress.
  • Find a smooth and comfortable pace.  A time clock will be on the exam pages to track your time.
  • Read the entire question thoroughly before answering.  Audio questions will always be repeated twice with a 15 second silence between the audio.
  • Skip more difficult questions and come back to them.
  • If you are not sure of an answer, make your best informative guess.
  • Any question not answered or incorrect will be counted as a wrong response.
  • Questions with Audio or Graphics will have a higher answer value.
  • The exam is timed. You will have up to 2 hours to take the entire exam. 
  • Purchase and read AAERT's Best Practices Guide, along with reviewing the resources and references noted in the guide.



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