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Education Committee
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AAERT Education Committee

  • Establish and maintain Standards for digital eReporting and digital eTranscribing educational programs and approved programs meeting those Standards.
  • Provide and oversee content for Continuing Education.
  • Provide programs that strengthen and ensure the professional competence of its
  • members.
  • Provide certification programs to ensure the competency of providers, digital eReporting and digital eTranscriptionist educators.
  • Provide continuing education for its court reporting and transcription members.
  • Promote higher education, academic and technical skills to students of court reporting and transcription.
  • Provide programs to stimulate personal and professional career development.
Goal and Purpose. The goal of the Education Committee is to establish Standards for digital eReporting and digital eTranscribing on which an approved curricula is based for the education of court reporters and transcriptionists. Standards are necessary to equip the membership with the knowledge and skills required to lead and compete in the profession utilizing the latest technology and processes available. The Education Committee identifies subject matter, designs and produces educational material that reach beyond certification to create further comprehension and professionalism in the fields of electronic reporting and transcribing.

In addition to the Standards, the Education Committee is charged with developing and/or approving content for the continuing education program. A uniformly applied continuing education program ensures that the clients requiring court reporting services will find a consistent quality of proficiency and knowledge among our certified members. The field of court reporting demands that its practitioners acquire and maintain a broad base of knowledge, which base changes approximately every five to seven years. Today, more than ever, it is imperative that court reporters and transcribers be informed, or we face being left behind. The obvious benefits of continuing education are learning new skills, keeping up with technological advances, developing new areas of expertise and, most valuable, keeping the mind open to new ideas, honing the skills of learning and developing as a well-rounded professional.

AAERT offers certification programs for digital eReporters and digital eTranscribers instructors. It is the intent of the Education Committee to establish standards for program evaluators, managers of reporting services, videographers, and other related court reporting services.


AAERT's objectives are to set solid national certification standards unlike anything existing today. AAERT takes seriously the need to develop and administer objective and valid certification exams that are respected by the judicial system and legal community that depend so heavily on the services that only progressive, technology-driven, qualified court reporters can provide.

AAERT also takes seriously the needs of the entire legal community, including Federal, State and Local governments, as well as members of the Bar that recognize the CER and CET certifications as their standard of practice.

Based on AAERT's growing experience and knowledge, their membership is quickly becoming the method of choice because they are uniquely positioned to offer the best services and technology in the field.

It becomes harder each day to impress our clients and employers in this ever-changing marketplace. It is almost mandatory to differentiate ourselves from other considerations by our clients. AAERT knows it is time to take the next step. It is time to develop programs that empower our membership to diversify our skills and add new technology and services to our offerings to clients.

It's not enough for us to tell our clients and employer that we are committed to the profession, it is necessary to show them by continuously educating ourselves. Our commitment to our membership is to provide continuing education programs that not only show baseline credibility, but acknowledgment of expertise in many areas of litigation support.

As a court reporting professional, you must continually work to advance your skills. Success requires constantly learning the latest technology and achieving your certification.

The Education Committee is keenly aware that realtime used to be the major differentiation of methods of reporting. That is no longer the case. Realtime is now a reality for clients using the new 'preferred method,' digital eReporting. This is an area where we will focus going forward.

Projects and Tasks. As a member of this committee, you may be asked to:

• Research topics
• Develop curriculum training modules
• Capture screenshots to create storyboards to guide training
• Monitor website feedback for training needs
• Recruit other volunteers to assist with the creation of training

Involvement and Commitment. A one-hour meeting commitment each month is required. Further commitment to projects and tasks will be assigned on a volunteer basis. All Committee members will be encouraged to attend the Annual AAERT Conference.

Qualifications. Committee members are required to hold an AAERT membership.

Any further questions can be directed to, 518-432-9973

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