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Your New Best Friend - The Cloud
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Your New Best Friend - The Cloud

by Antoinette M. Franks, CET


As transcribers, we spend most of our time producing work using digital audio and word processing. We type, type, type without a second thought to anything but transcribing what we hear. Here we sit, headphones on, cruising along as we have found our stride. The audio is perfect, and we are flying through it, making record time. We're ahead of the game, and then it happens. The Word Genie shows up and to his amusement, that beautiful document disappears! Poof! Gone! You sit horrified and perplexed, because you have no idea what just happened. What happened? I didn't touch anything! I didn't close the document without saving! Why is my document blank?

If you've been in this industry long enough, it has either happened to you at your own hand or by the hand of the Word Genie, or you at least know of someone that has experienced this misfortune. If this is you, you sit there trying not to cry at the thought that HOURS of work have now been wasted, and you have to listen to that same audio again which truly is the equivalent of cruel and unusual punishment for those of us who have found ourselves in that position. If you have been here, you need to make sure you're not there again. If you have not been there, then pay attention and make sure you don't become friends with the Word Genie against your will.

Amazingly, as transcribers, we all share this remarkable predictability and structured trait. We have a tendency to stick to our routine and are firm believers that if it's not broken, then don't fix it. Why? Because "fixing it" implements a learning curve we all believe we don't have time for as it affects our speed. We all know speed and a stride are two of our closest friends. Well, you have another friend, the Cloud. And the great thing is it doesn't matter which Cloud, Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox. You can choose which friend works best for you as long as you have this friend. The Cloud is not just your friend. It is your BEST friend, the friend you must learn to entrust with the safekeeping of all your precious transcripts. The Cloud guards you against the Word Genie who likes to wreak chaos and cause stress in your life that I am sure you don't want or need.

Hitting that save button manually is not enough. Even successfully saving to your hard drive is not enough. Guess what? Hard drives go bad and DIE! And with its death comes the death of every transcript you have completed and are working on. So take it from someone who has been there more than once, I'm sorry to say. Make friends with the Cloud. Set up your documents to automatically save to your cloud. And while the Word Genie may try to rear its ugly head now and again because nothing is 100 percent foolproof, you are certainly in a better place with the Cloud on your side. So remember, before you begin your next transcript, say to yourself, "The Cloud is my friend,” and then make sure it actually is! Happy Floating!!

Antoinette M. Franks, CET



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