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Keep Educating Yourself
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by Tonie Wallace-Aitken
AAERT Education Immediate Past Chair


Continuing Education and Professional Development offer a path to a life of success and achievement. This is a direct result of utilizing the power of thinking, positive thinking. The most important asset you have in your quest to live your dream is YOUR MIND.

Your thoughts affect you in ways you never imagined possible. The truth is, whether you know it or not, your thoughts are responsible for whatever place or situation you are in right now.

I am not the first one to say this and I bet I won't be the last either. YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK.

Continuing Education and Professional Development will cause thinking in a new direction. A garden if planted with beautiful plants, carefully nurtured will yield beautiful flowers; if neglected, weeds will destroy the beauty and yield thorns, destruction and harshness. It is the same with the mind. If you plant beautiful, healthy thoughts into your mind you will reap a beautiful, healthy life. If you plant negative thoughts you will reap destruction and despair in your life. If you neglect to feed your mind healthy thoughts and to protect it from negative thoughts, the weeds of destruction will creep in and choke your mind. Seedtime and harvest are the laws we live by. You reap what you sow. You live what you think. You live what you say.

Any self-improvement program or journey of personal development starts with your thoughts. Master your thoughts and then you can master your environment and circumstances.

Realize that your destiny is under your control. Realize what the power of education, exposing your mind to the right things and broader thinking can do to change your life and give you a brighter future. That means YOU are in control. Not fate. Not lady luck. YOU. Success is a lifelong process. It only ends when you die. Persevere.




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