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March 2013 The Court Reporter
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For Professionals in Electronic / Digital Court Technology   
The Court Reporter

                                                                                                                            Volume 18, Number 1 - Spring Edition


In This Issue

President's Message

Executive Corner

The Voice of Experience: Running a One-Person Business

Connect with Social Media

20th Annual AAERT Conference-Las Vegas

The Nature of Words

Punctuation is POWERFUL!

Mystery Words-Take the Challenge

Helpful Links

Newly Certified Members

Welcome New Members


Committee Updates



Social Media


April 27th, 2013 Certification Examination Locations Posted

Specific location information for each city can be found by going to our website. The deadline for all certification testing registration is Friday, April 5th, 2013


Certification News:
We are in the process of dropping the "D" and the "*" in our certification acronym/names. Since mostly all tests for certification are testing for digital certification, we will stop designating the "D" for digital testing. With our new data system, we will no longer be required to add a symbol, like the asterisk in our certification titles.

AAERT is also completing a process to register our certification titles and acronyms. Soon, our certification will be "registered" ® and protected, adding another value to your certification.


Lastly, AAERT Certification will soon be online where you will be able to take any of our tests close to your area. Look for more information coming in the next few months.

Congratulations to our Newly Certified Members:

Karen Cutler, CET

Jacqueline Seidner, CET

A Warm Welcome to our New AAERT Members:

Denise Amparo

Marcia Baggott

Marsha Boutilier

Karen Brooks

Jordan Bruce

Jesse Calcei

Kevin Carr
Washington, DC

Tricia Lynn Cesarone

MaryEllen Feinberg
New York

Lizabeth Finn

Gabriel Gheorghiu
Washington, DC

Micah Gillett
Washington, DC

Peter Jonathan Hellman

Eve Jemison

Kyle Johnson
Washington, DC

David Jones
Washington, DC

Amanda Lavandera

Karen Levandowski

Natalie Light

Lynn Lindner

Kristina McCollum

Rebecca McCrary
Washington, DC

Adrian Navarre Medrano

Lyle Merrick

Roger Meyers

Sofia Misenheimer
Washington, DC

Emily Morris

Doug Pearson

Lauren Ann Pecou

Rosalyn Patton Pelt

LaShonne Robinson
Washington, DC

David Seeman

Jo Shank

Lori Sherman

Peter Shonerd
Washington, DC

Aimee L. Silva

Melissa Marie Sotillo

Kelly Squire

Kelly Taylor

Rachel Tucker
Washington, DC

Raymond M. Vetter
Washington, DC

Edwin Wesley
Washington, DC

Karen Widlock
Washington, DC


Corporate Members:

Dana Welch

Diversified Reporting Services, Inc.
Michelle Yenchochic
Washington, DC

Reporting Service, Inc.
Angelique Showalter

TKC Transcription Services
Tori Lawton

American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers, Inc.
P.O. Box 9826
Wilmington, DE 19809

Hello @@first_name@@ - We hope you enjoy this issue of The Court Reporter. Please remember that we have a "Member's Corner" where you can submit an article for publication. We can't promise all submissions will be published, but we will certainly do our best.  Please send your articles, comments regarding this publication or format suggestions to the AAERT Office.

President's Message

by James Bowen, CER

Welcome everyone to the latest edition of The Court Reporter and my first as your new President, having been elected at the June 2012 conference in Philadelphia.  I want to take this opportunity to personally thank Janet Harris, my predecessor, for all she has done for AAERT since day one, literally. Janet was one of the three original incorporators and 20 years later, still remains actively involved.  Her leadership over the past two years has helped guide AAERT through many important decisions affecting the future of the association.

The Board of Directors and executive staff have been working hard to understand the needs of our membership and our community.  The Strategic Planning Task Force ... Read the Full Article


Executive Corner

by Michael F. Tannen, CSEP

What defines an As-so-ci-a-tion?  In one of my association books, The 7 Measures of Success, it defines associations as "The hidden glue of our society and economy.  Like the mortar that holds the bricks of a building in place, associations go largely unnoticed, yet they do much to hold the entire structure together.”  When I look at AAERT, I see the foundation of this organization that was put into place some 20 years ago and the bricks and mortar that have been steadily built up to a great and much needed common purpose.  We have ... Read the Full Article 


The Voice of Experience: Running a One-Person Business 

by Joseph M. Schafer, CERT

Court reporters can generally be divided into three employment categories. Official reporters are those individuals who are employees of either the federal or a state government; they have the benefits normally associated with employment, such as sick leave, annual leave, paid holidays, and perhaps even a retirement plan.

The reporters in the second group are either employees or independent contractors of a court reporting business/agency. These folks rely on getting their work from the agency, and may or may not have any employment benefits.

The third group ... Read the Full Article


Connect with Social Media

by Staff from Neal R. Gross and Co.

Now more than a decade into the 21st century, social media outlets are becoming standard methods of communication in most of our personal lives. With companies concerned about giving up privacy or credibility, many have shied away from maintaining a digital presence. Here at Neal R. Gross & Co. we made the decision to embrace these social mediums, because whether we like it or not, they are fast becoming integral to the way all companies do business. There are several advantages to incorporating social media into your overall marketing strategy as well as some challenges any business faces when setting up new public mediums. We will ... Read the Full Article


AAERT's 2013 Annual Conference

20th Anniversary - June 20th to 22nd, 2013

COMING SOON to Las Vegas……AAERT is excited to announce that our 20th Annual Conference will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Conference dates are Friday and Saturday, June 21 and 22, 2013, with a reception on Thursday evening, June 20, 2013.

Las Vegas is an attraction all its own, so come for the fun and excitement of Las Vegas, but, more importantly, come for the Conference. This year’s Conference has much to offer. It’s the perfect opportunity to spend time with current friends in the industry and also to meet new friends or potential business associates. Develop your career by networking, learning, socializing and sharing with other professionals in our field from around the world.

Session topics will include:

  •    The How-to’s of Social Media - Last year Leah Sadowski of LMS Agency, Inc. gave us a broad overview of five social media websites. (After last year’s informative session, this is a can’t-miss.) There’s much to know, and Leah is an expert at showing how to maneuver through the sometimes-complex world of social technology. Her presentation discusses how to increase your personal and business footprint in the cyber world. It’s been a year since AAERT began participating in social media; come see the results and see how you, too, can use social media to benefit your business.
  •    Government Relations 101 - SueLynn Morgan of FTR, Ltd. and a member of the AAERT Government Relations Committee will present a basic overview of our legislative system; in particular, the ins and outs of becoming involved in state and local government.
  •    Independent Contractor or Employee? - Larry Schwartz of AVTranz and Attorney Jason Scronic will address the pros and cons of independent contracting: Should an independent contractor incorporate? What are the tax implications? What are the insurance liabilities? This will be a great Q&A opportunity and to learn from the experts.
  •    Future of Digital Court Reporting - Panel discussion among movers and shakers within the industry discussing where Digital Court Reporting is headed around the world. At the completion of the panel discussion, an open member discussion will allow audience input. Everyone is invited to attend this discussion.
  •    And much more.

Comments on last year's Conference include:

  • Great conference!
  • The content was informative.
  • I think this has been an excellent conference.
  • Great topics and discussions.

This is AAERT’s 20th anniversary, and we are expecting a record number of members to attend. Don’t miss it! We can hardly wait to welcome you to the 2013 AAERT Conference!

Go to our AAERT website for more information regarding the Conference and registration.


The Nature of Words
by Laurel Stoddard, CET

Recently a friend texted me a piece of joyful news, and my text back to her said, "O frabjous day! Calooh! Callay!" Then I had to explain that was a quote from Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky, from Through the Looking Glass. Later I thought about the rest of the sentence, "he chortled in his joy," and I wondered if chortled was one of Carroll's neologisms now in common usage. Indeed it is. Read the Full Article


Punctuation is Powerful!

by Beverly Guenette, CET

An exciting part of my 34 years in the transcribing profession is discussing punctuation with colleagues. These conversations can be as "vibrant" as discussing politics!

The purpose of punctuation is to clarify the speaker's intent, and its goal is to have the reader understand the speaker at the first reading. Effectively using punctuation is a true art form, an art form that develops over time and distinguishes an efficient transcriptionist from merely a person who can type rapidly.

In the third century B.C., Aristophanes of Byzantium, the father of punctuation, devised a system... Read the Full Article


Mystery Words - Take the Challenge
(words discovered reading mysteries)


____ 1. cagoule a. spruce up
____ 2. murmuration b. an arrangement of five
____ 3. nonce c. interpose
____ 4. nones d. proctor
____ 5. titivate e. the present
____ 6. invidious f. shaped like grapes
____ 7. invigilate g. flock of starlings
____ 8. intercalate h. causing animosity
____ 9. quincunx i. waterproof parka
____ 10. botryoidal j. fifth canonical hour 



Helpful Links

URLs to help with finding names, words, meanings, and strengthening your vocabulary. Read the List 


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