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The Court Reporter Fall 2015
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For Professionals in Electronic / Digital Court Technology
The Court Reporter           

Editor: Gail Malm Armstrong, CER, CET                                       Volume 20, Number 4 - Fall Edition     

New look for The Court Reporter coming next issue!

In This Issue


President's Message

Executive Corner

AAERT Launches New Website

The Courtrooms of the Future

Huaka'i Lo'ihi or Long Journey 

Eyeing the Competition

Proactive Listening

Savings & Financial Planning Tips

The BUZZ - Tech Devices

Punctuation is POWERFUL!

The Nature of Words

Mystery Words

Newly Certified Members

Welcome New Members

Member Benefit Discounts

Congratulations to our Newly Certified Members:

Please note: AAERT has completed the process of trademarking our Certification Designations CER® & CET®

Mason Booker, CER

Ann Brodsky, CET

Marcia Kladek, CET

Rhonda Lockridge, CER

Patrice Mezzacapo, CET
New Jersey

Tiffany Phillips, CER

Jen Metcalf-Razzino, CER

A Warm Welcome to our New Individual Members:

Barb Archut

Laura Ballengee

June Griffin Bennett
Puerto Rico

Jeanette Carelli
New York

Sarah Engel
North Dakota

Roberto Garcia, Jr.

Jennifer Gerold

Brenda Giessman

Steve Hubbard, Jr.

Kimberly Jones

Kris Kemp
North Dakota

Carmon Leann LaRose
North Dakota

Brandi Marie Lewis

Christy Little

Laura McDole

Valorie Obaugh

Carrie Provenzale

Denise Ranauro
New Jersey

Theresa Reid

Joyce Reitor

Lynda Scott
New York

Charron J. Sikorovsky

Diane Renee McCuistion Speed

Terri E. Trauth

Mary Wooldridge

Corinne Yanosy

New Corporate Members:

Transcription Experts, an In Health Company
Marci Bozeman

DLE Court Reporters
Roy De La Espriella

Valid Transcriptions, Inc.
Eric Logue
New Jersey

AAERT Committees and Chairs

Ray Vetter, CER

Geoffrey Hunt

  • Website:
    Geoffrey Hunt
  • Social Media:
    Gail Malm Armstrong, CER, CET
  • Newsletter:
    Gail Malm Armstrong, CER, CET

Conference Education:
Steve Townsend

Tonie Wallace

Government Relations:
Rick Russell

LIsa Dees

AAERT Online Certification Exams, Recertification and CEUs

In January of 2014, AAERT implemented a new process for our exams for CER & CET designation titles. We are pleased to announce that our new Online Certification process is going smoothly, and we continue to improve the exam procedures and content as we move forward. You can view our Exam Calendar on our website under the Fees and Deadlines Tab.

Along with our Online Certification, we have incorporated a Recertification process for our CER and CET designations. This process is not something new to a certification process, but it is fairly new to AAERT. Recertification allows our members to continue to raise the bar on their professionalism through continued education and community and association involvement.

Anyone holding a CER, CET, or a combination of both, and who tested prior to January 1, 2013, will be required to be recertified with 2.0 CEU credits prior to their 2015 membership renewal date, or if a little extra time is needed, we will extend the deadline to December 31, 2015.

Anyone holding a CER, CET or a combination of both, and who tested after January 1, 2013, will be required to be recertified with 3.0 CEU credits before the expiration date on their Certification Certificate.

Further information can be found on the AAERT website at the Recertification Tab, or you may contact the AAERT Office.

AAERT will continue to update and improve our list of ways to earn CEUs, and members will be notified via email of these changes.




Tech Devices You Can't Live Without

Stuck on You

About the size of a quarter, StickNFind is a trackable sticker that helps keep electronic tabs on laptops, phones, backpacks, keys, or anything that might get lost or stolen. Its app can be set to send alerts when the sticker goes outside of, or returns within, a set range.

Pocket Protection

Canary is a complete security system packed into a single device you control from your phone. With Canary, eligible State Farm® customers can get discounts on homeowners and renters insurance.

Emergency Radio

Even when the power is out, you can recharge a Sangean AM/FM WX Emergency Radio MMR-88 by USB, solar power or hand crank. Stay tuned to your favorite stations while you get severe weather warnings.

Weather Center
Even before you are out of bed, a glance at the multifunction LaCrosse Wireless Color Forecast Station shows your indoor and outdoor temperatures, heat index, barometric pressure, dew point, digital time, and date.


AAERT Member Benefits

Below is a reminder of the various Member Benefit Discounts we have for our AAERT members. For a complete listing and more information, check out our AAERT Members Benefits Page on our website.

American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers, Inc.

P.O. Box 9826
Wilmington, DE 19809


Hello @@first_name@@ - We hope you enjoy this issue of The Court Reporter. Don't forget that you can submit an article and earn CEU credits if the article is published. Please send your articles, comments regarding this publication, or format suggestions to Gail Malm Armstrong, Editor-in-Chief at


I extend my apology to our many skilled and conscientious members from Minnesota. Our summer newsletter misspelled OLMSTEAD County. The County is correctly spelled OLMSTED. To quote Dr. Seuss: “I’m sorry to say so but, sadly it’s true that bang-ups and hang-ups can happen to you.”

Gail Malm Armstrong, Editor


President's Message

by Buck Ewing

Dear AAERT Colleagues,

AAERT is on target and on the move!

In June, we unveiled our new logo and tagline—The Record That Speaks for Itself. In September, we launched a new website that we can all be proud of. It's well-organized, with balanced navigation buttons and drop-down menus, and a place for an expanding library of reference information.

We're also exploring what products and services you might want to purchase at the website’s shopping cart. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please send them to To put our best foot forward with the public, Executive Director Michael Tannen, CSEP produced our new booth backdrop. All of the logos in our social media platforms—WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn—have been changed over to our new look. We now have a comprehensive branding package.

We still have much to look forward to.

We just ....

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AAERT Launches New Website
by Geoffrey L. Hunt, Communications Committee Chair

At the direction of the President, Buck Ewing, the Communications Committee was directed to rebrand AAERT. The task was assigned to Geoff Hunt, Communications Committee Chair. He was directed to create an entirely new look for the association. An image that put forth a more professional presentation of our association and our profession to the world. This assignment included the creation of a new logo, slogan, and website.

Since AAERT’s founding in the early 1990s, the original AAERT logo included the swish. The swish was intended to resemble....

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Executive Corner

by Michael Tannen, CSEP

This year, AAERT has invested more in its members and the growth of the Digital Reporting and Transcribing industry than ever before. The Association has spent some valuable time and resources this year to move forward with our members' needs and the changes in courts throughout the United States and beyond.

We saw this firsthand when AAERT exhibited at the CTC (Court Technology Conference) 2015 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. All of the exhibitors, including AAERT, were well-received by the hundreds of attendees at this conference. One noticeable change for AAERT the number of attendees that stopped by our booth who complimented us on our NEW look (new display shown below with AAERT Secretary, Geoffrey Hunt and Executive Director, Michael Tannen, CSEP) and more importantly, they wanted more information about AAERT due to the rapid changes that are occurring in their courtrooms. The time was right for them to better understand and embrace the technology changes going on in their states and courthouses.

We hope that all our members will see the changes in their businesses and workload as AAERT continues to build bridges within the industry. "AAERT, The Record That Speaks For Itself."

"The Courtrooms of the Future: a View from Australia"

by Charlotte Pache

Rapidly changing technology and new ideas about how to deliver the work of the courts using technology tools have already begun to impact how hearings are conducted. Increasing numbers of new generation lawyers have driven the demand for new technologies, coupled with the need for courts to use new technology to meet community expectations of being able to access information online. This article gives a very brief overview of the use of technology in the courts in Australia, highlighting some areas of innovation...

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Huaka'i Lo'ihi or Long Journey

by Susan Leong, CET

Training for a marathon is in many ways like training to become a Certified Electronic Transcriber. It takes hard work and perseverance. I have had the memorable experience of running in five marathons; participating in a mini-triathlon; doing a 100 mile bike ride all in the beautiful State of Hawaii. After 35 years of living in Hawaii, I ventured to the mainland where I began my training in the world of court and freelance reporting. This is the story of my journey to the land of electronic transcription.


I was born in Dayton, Ohio but raised in Honolulu, Hawaii where I lived for 35 years. Being a female born into the Chinese culture presents interesting challenges, but there is an upside to being a middle child. An article written by ....

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Eyeing The Competition

by Linda Rohman

I just Googled “court reporting” and “ethics” and got over seven million hits. In the spirit of full disclosure, I will admit that I did not peruse the results for more than a few pages before I reached the conclusion that the topic of this article has not bubbled to the top in the discussion of ethics within our profession, at least not on the Internet. The Bible says the love of money is the root of all evil. In that vein, I want to consider here whether there are limits to what we can and should do, as business men and women, in our mutual pursuit of profit and how those limits can reflect poorly, not only on us as individuals, but upon our profession as a whole.
I was recently transcribing a hearing recorded by county court personnel in my state. During a brief side discussion, two of the attorneys involved in the proceedings talked about ...

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Proactive Listening

by Penina Wolicki, CET

What is the difference between typing from a written text and transcribing an audio recording? It must be about the same thing. Does this sound familiar?
Is there a difference between typing from a written text and transcribing from an audio recording? Do both kinds of typing involve the same skills? In order to type from a written text, we have to read a word and just type what we see. Transcribing an audio recording requires the ability to hear and listen and understand.
When I think about the differences between typing from a written text and transcribing, it takes me back to 7th and 8th grade, when last period in school, once a week, was Typing. Yes, in an all-girls' private school, it was important to learn the basics, typing in 7th and 8th grade and speedwriting in 9th grade. I never mastered speedwriting. But as it turns out, ....

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Savings & Financial Planning Tips
by Anne Pelini, CER, CET

No matter our age in life or our level of knowledge of financial planning, simple ideas can give us an advantage for saving and investing. Some of my favorite quick tips to focus on are:

Early Stage of Saving/Investing:

1. Do the work of creating a budget and live within your income.
2. Know the difference between a Want versus a Need. Fixed expenses are a
myth. If necessary, everything can be dialed down.
3. Pay yourself first. Do not wait to save until there is nothing left.
4. Start saving and investing as early in life as you can. Use the power of Compound
Interest – when your money makes money. It means interest paid on interest.
5. Having an emergency savings of 3 to 6 months is critical.

Mid Stage of Saving/Investing:

1. Continue to save and invest. Read and increase .... 

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Punctuation is Powerful
Quotes: Are Yours Straight or Smart?
by Antoinette Franks, CET

Are your quotes and apostrophes "straight"? If not, they should be. As youngsters, we're all taught to make that nice little circle at the top or bottom of our quotes and apostrophes. They look nice and elegantly placed with a slight curve to them in the appropriate direction. And that format even carries over into the documents you type. The apostrophe has a slant to it, and your quotation marks curve ever so appropriately. In the transcription industry, elegance does not get you extra points in your transcript. In fact, we veer away from using that very format. Why is that?

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The Nature of Words
by Laurel H. Stoddard, CET

On the last night of September, a gibbous moon only slightly less than full, lay strips of moonlight across the bedclothes. The word gibbous, in astronomical terms, refers to the moon when it's in the stage between full and first or last quarter, the illuminated portion appearing rounded on both sides, or convex. It came into usage in the early 15th century. From Late Latin, the word is little changed from its root....

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Mystery Words - Take the Challenge
Words Collected While Reading:

 ___1. miscible

 a. esoteric

 ___2. fungible
   b. jerky
 ___3. pelmet
   c. jawless
 ___4. recondite
   d. interchangeable
 ___5. eldritch
   e. grid of longitude and
latitude lines
 ___6. thaumaturgic
   f. appearing miraculous
 ___7. saccadic
   g. absence of social
 ___8. agnathous
   h. mixable
 ___9. anomic
   i. unearthly
 ___10. graticule
   j. decorative valance




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