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Sound Bytes October 2017
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SOUND BYTES - Oct 2017

The Skinny on CEUs

by Gail Malm Armstrong, CER, CET,

“The capacity to learn is a gift;
The ability to learn is a skill;
The willingness to learn is a choice.”
Brian Herbert

How does the balance sheet look for your Continuing Education Units? This is an appropriate time of year to take stock of your CEU account. Do you have a healthy total or does the credit column look slim?


Carpal Diem

by Sally Murray, Egoscue

Are you typing away for hours on end, sitting in traffic, or just cooking dinner? Those are just a few of the jobs that we ask our wrists to do. Throughout those tasks, we flex them, extend them, and move them laterally side-to-side. They also pronate and supinate. If you pause to think about what our wrists are capable of, you'll realize they're an incredible piece of machinery.

AAERT 25th Annual Conference
Providence, RI
June 21-23, 2018


Join us for another fun-filled learning experience
in Providence, Rhode Island for our next conference.




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AAERT Approved Schools

Another approved school has been added to the list of AAERT approved schools.  Click here to see all that AAERT has to offer.

Your New Best Friend-The Cloud

by Antoinette M. Franks, CET

As transcribers, we spend most of our time producing work using digital audio and word processing. We type, type, type without a second thought to anything but transcribing what we hear. Here we sit, headphones on, cruising along as we have found our stride. The audio is perfect, and we are flying through it, making record time. We're ahead of the game, and then it happens. The Word Genie shows up and to his amusement, that beautiful document disappears! Poof! Gone! You sit horrified and perplexed, because you have no idea what just happened. What happened? I didn't touch anything! I didn't close the document without saving! Why is my document blank?

Tailgate Time -- Best Tech Gadgets

Business Insider


9 tech gadgets you'll want at your next tailgate.

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